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About Us

J&V Galleria is a small business that is proudly mom owned that was established in October 2020 and launched January 2021. Many changes have taken place since that time.

Our mission is to spread awareness and positivity to Neurodiversity, Mental Health, Homeschooling and Literacy. We offer graphic t-shirts, lip balm and more


We also use a third-party printing company Bonfire for our campaign shirts, which helps us donate money directly to our selected non-profit organizations; as well as fund our upcoming and ongoing projects. More information can be found on our platform at  

 We thank you for all of your support!

Stay safe and stay hydrated everyone!

About the Owner

Jasmin is a proud boy mom, writer, book lover and owner of J&V Galleria. She has many projects in the works that include spreading awareness and positivity to neurodiversity, mental health, homeschooling and literacy.


From a  young age, Jasmin has struggled with everyday life, some days more than others. Ranging from difficulty with learning, processing emotions, not being able to stay still to even difficulty remembering things. Nobody really knew what was going on inside her mind, including herself. It was just passed off as being lazy or not trying hard enough.

Unfortunately, at that very young age, Jasmin has also experienced childhood trauma that triggered depression and anxiety. 


In her junior year of high school, she was tested for and diagnosed with dyslexia. It helped her mother understand a little to why she was struggling with letters and numbers but it wasn't until Jasmin became an adult that she understood why she has short term memory loss; which is one of many downsides of dyslexia that she experiences. 

 Throughout the her adulthood - mid to late 20's - she has also been diagnosed with schizophrenia, PTSD, ADHD and bipolar disorder. She has been through all the emotions of feeling shame, embarrassment and even anger because of society's negativity towards anyone that is "different" from their personal normal.


When Jasmin gave birth to her baby boy, she was set on homeschooling him for many reasons which one of those includes safety.  As a little time had passed, the reality was more difficult than she thought but she is actively homeschooling her preschooler at this time and support homeschool parents.



Jasmin is a book lover, all things dark romance, college sports romance and contemporary adult romance just to name a few. She also is in the process of writing her very first dark romance book series under her pen name as well as a children's book under her legal name.  Although she struggles with dyslexia, reading with OpenDyslexic font has given her a way to enjoy reading and is one of her ways to decompress from everyday stressers.



Jasmin has a goal to spread awareness and positivity to all four themes of her businesses. Neurodiversity. Mental Health. Homeschooling. Literacy. 

Thank you for reading <3


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